9-88/QRT - Stellethee Security and Logistics - Hybrid Convoy

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Response Vehicles

Prototype Recent Year Model (video above)

(We did not create this model, just a concept similar between Columbine and 9/11)

Actual Street Use Video of our Concept

Heartful Flashing Lights Video

A little bit more about this techology. It was developed around 2000, influenced by Columbine's first responders, theoretically handling and letting Albright College in Reading, PA to allow the police of the following cities have full, encrypted communications.

The project was verified in theory.

Read my two stories, Angel Unassigned: or the proposal to someone who will accept another one broken and Angel, Reassigned

The 9-88/QRT are a classified class of vehicles developed by the Stellethee Security & Logistics Group. More information may be obtained on the EthOps Internet History.

Always be prepared to get the hell out with your Dodge!

this project is part of the ARG preventthetrace

Real information on the Upcoming 9-8-8 Hotline (not related to the Stellethee Group) Tweet #stelletheeU

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