Farmville 3 and SwagBucks - Verification Award Works

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I am a SwagBucks referring member and player of Farmville 3. I learned about Farmville 3 through SwagBucks. I wanted to verify that the app, correctly downloaded from SwagBucks, can generate 4,500 SwagBucks. I was generously surprised at how fun this app was. Definitely. I wasn't expecting it to be so great, especially the animations, music, and humor. Retiring animals dance when they know they're retiring. It's great!

SwagBucks is the primary source of funding for the Stellethee alternate reality game projects. So, it'd be super awesome if you try out the Farmville 3 App and play some games with the free start coins. It's definitely helpful for the project.

I'm not going to discuss the validity of how much time it takes to level up to 30 in Farmville 3, if you want to hit level 30, besides a lot. It's absolutely doable though. They give you a lot of time to hit the level, and they awarded me 4,500 more than a level early.

Farmville 3 can be very social. I didn't really use the social end of it right away.

All that said, the verification and notes:

I got my SwagBucks right after this. Hadn't played FarmVille since the first one, when it came out.

Previous Stop That Worked SwagBucks. Chime! (ad, but I still use them!)